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National Nuclear Data Center

manual on the ENDF formats from BNL
NIST range and stopping power tables

Paw++ information      geant321 pdf manual     MAD spectrometer geometry       pion spectra from geant3.21
Summer 2007 undergrad projects       Using the vi editor

Jiang-Lai Liu's G0 thesis, pdf

HAPPEX II - strange quarks


  The Rise of Nuclear Physics in the 20th Century - Fall 2000 Lecture Series

  Lecture 1 October 25, 2000 -
The Discovery of Radioactivity - A Hint of New Forces

  Lecture 3 November 29, 2000 -
The Downfall of the Old Symmetries - Discovering New Symmetries

"The neutron radius of lead and neutron star structure" - Fall 2002 Lecture Series

"The Impact of Special Relativity in Nuclear Physics: It's not just E = Mc2" - Fall 2005 Lecture Series

Lecture notes on Electromagnetic Nuclear Physics

Introductory Lecture Notes for Nuclear and Particle Physics

Hall A analysis tutorial

Mainz Microtron home page
Mainz 1995 Luminosity Monitoring
  Mainz 1996 data analysis( needs an NIS account and password)

 3 body kinematics

 2 body kinematics, Juan Carlos Cornejo

radiative corrections, external and internal bremsstrahlung factors, Juan Carlos Cornejo

Experiment E06007, Impulse Approximation limitations to the (e,e'p) reaction on 208Pb
E06007 proposal
Annual Report, 2007
target thickness report, run1
target thickness report, run2

Experiment 89044, Structure function separations in 3He
Experiment Web page at Jefferson National Laboratory
PROPOSAL on 4He(e,e'p)3H, July 12, 2001, gzipped post script for Jefferson Lab SUMMER 2001 PAC20
Proposal update, Jan. 2008
e89044 logbook
espace manual
running espace for E89044 on monsoon or twister
List of runs prepard by F. Benmohktar
Table of Elastic Scattering runs, December 1999
Table of Elastic Scattering runs, February 2000
Table of Elastic Scattering runs, March 2000
first pass at electron elastic scattering and luminosity monitoring at 842.6MeV in Dec. 1999, Jan 21, 2000
preliminary elastic cross sections at 644MeV
summary of 644 MeV elastic cross section, July 21, 2000
preliminary elastic cross sections at 1257 MeV
summary of 1257 MeV elastic cross sections, July 21, 2000
comparison of Q2=5.0 /fm2 data points
target density comparisons July 21, 2000
z target acceptance effects using elastic electron scattering
Beam heating effects, prepared by D. Margaziotis
  Preliminary results of luminosity monitoring for e89044
Normalization scheme for December 1999
Normalization scheme for February 2000
elastic scattering formula

Pre run preparations
  e89044 luminosity monitoring
  e89044 normalization_jul23
  e89044 elastic 3He normalizations,Sept 16,1999
  e89044 run plan, Oct. 13,1999
e89044 target commissioning period run plan for Dec 8-10, 1999,  October 27,1999

Experiment 99012, High precision detemination of neutron distribution in 208Pb
Pb neutron radius cylindrical target
cryotarget ladder for Pb neutron radius experiment,version 1
  cryotarget ladder for Pb neutron radius experiment, version 2
thermal expansion data for diamond and copper

Experiment 97111, 4He(e,e'p)3H cross section measurements
e97111 logbook

Experiment 00102, Testing the limits of the single particle model in 16O(e,e'p)
e00102 logbook

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